Workshop Organizers

David W. McDonald
dwmc at
Assistant Professor, University of Washington, The Information School

Dr. McDonald has published papers in CHI and CSCW spanning systems development and qualitative field study. He has published research on expertise seeking, recommendation systems, public use of large screen displays, and collaborative authoring.

Bill N. Schilit
Bill.Schilit at
Principal Researcher, Intel Research, Santa Clara.

Dr. Schilit studies ubiquitous and context-aware applications that cross the traditional boundaries of networking and HCI. Prior to joining Intel, he managed the Personal and Mobile Computing Group at FXPAL, a Fuji Xerox Company. During his years at Xerox PARC he was part of a small team that developed the first "context-aware" computer.

Sara Bly
sara at
Sara Bly Consulting

Dr. Bly is an active researcher and practitioner with seminal papers covering qualitative user studies and formative evaluations. In 2005 SIGCHI awarded her the CHI Lifetime Service Award. She was an early member of the Xerox PARC Media Space team where she worked on the design and use of technology supporting collaborative work.