Joining the Workshop

Individuals interested in participating in the workshop should submit a position paper on some aspect of home IT work. Submissions are encouraged that describe either a theoretical stance, an empirical study, a case study, or a clearly framed problem. The workshop will bring together a mix of social scientists, UI designers and system designers as well as open the area to possible newcomers. Attendance will be set at 20 or fewer participants, allowing for a reasonable mix of positions while still facilitating adequate interaction.

Position papers will be reviewed by the workshop organizers for admission to the workshop. Attention will be paid to representing a diverse spectrum of positions.

Position papers are due December 15, 2005. Position papers of up to 4 pages in either Word or PDF format should be sent to David McDonald <dwmc @ u . washington . edu>.

Authors will be notified of acceptance/participation in the workshop in early February, prior to the end of CHI'06 early registration.