For those adopting a digital lifestyle, the home is becoming a complex and hard to manage collection of networked devices. The growing complexity of interconnected digital devices results in more and more time spent solving problems with those devices and their configurations, an important part of computer problem solving that we call "IT@Home".

This workshop seeks to explore four broad areas:

  • Perspectives — How should we consider IT@Home? What theories apply to IT@Home?
  • Problem Framing — What are critical problems in IT@Home?
  • Empirical Study — Case studies and examples of effectively studying home IT work.
  • Design — What are some critical design issues for IT@Home?

For a full description of the workshop focus, please see the workshop description. Workshop submissions are closed and the workshop is full.

We considered having workshop participants try a field exercise to get a better idea of how home network devices are being sold to everyday users. Not sure how many tried this.

Submissions to the workshop have been closed. We have a full roster of participants and a very nice selection of papers. Feel free to download and read any of the submissions to the workshop.

See you at CHI 2006 in Montreal, Canada on April 23, 2006.