Social Networks for Design and Analysis: Using Network Information in CSCW

The key notion from network analysis, that the interconnections between people can be used to understand and improve their interactions, has clear implications for CSCW research into communication systems, teamwork, and knowledge management. This full-day workshop seeks participation from social scientists and system designers to explore how social network analysis can be adapted for use in understanding how an organization adopts and uses technology, and how social network models can be used as a framework for considering new CSCW system designs. The workshop will consider four specific topics: Measurement - how are social networks being collected and measured? Tools - what is the state-of-the-art for analyzing, visualizing and representing social networks? Application - how are systems embedding social networks into the fabric of their design, and how can system designers distill the complexities of networks into user-oriented displays? Evaluation -- how does the use of social network systems change, facilitate, or hinder users and their collaborations?

David W. McDonald, Assistant Professor, University of Washington, The Information School.
Shelly Farnham, Microsoft Research.
Danyel Fisher, University of California, Irvine, School of Information and Computer Science.